Your support is vital to our efforts.


Your investment is vital to our efforts.

Thousands of remote villages worldwide still lack electrical power and access to clean pure water. By providing support to Easy Water for Everyone, you’ll have a direct impact in preventing disease and eliminating the hardships faced by people who lack the basic amenities we take for granted every day.

If you want to play a role in bringing clean pure water to the communities that need it most, we would be honored by your financial contribution.

Your donation can help us do the following and more:

  • Provide life-saving water technology to rural communities lack electrical power

  • Invest in systems for schools and medical facilities

  • Expand our global impact by reaching more countries

  • Provide filters and supplies

Interested in employing the NUF500 through your own charity's efforts?


Sponsor a Village

Want to make a major difference for an entire community? By sponsoring a village, you (or your organization’s) donation will directly provide clean water to up to 400 people by providing necessary equipment, filters, local training, and a protective cover for the system. You’ll receive detailed information on the village, including photos and updates as the project progresses. All funds will go directly to the community of your choosing— not to our organization or its overhead costs.