Eight out of 10 people without access to clean water live in rural areas, and nearly half of them live in Sub-Saharan Africa. (UNICEF)

Support from a local physician was essential for our work from both medical and administrative standpoints. Ghana was selected for the first round of projects, in part because of Nathan and Linda’s connection to Dr. Sampson Antwi, a Ghanaian pediatrician. 

Antwi is a renowned professor of pediatric nephrology on staff at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, and holds an academic position at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology. Possessing first-hand knowledge of the crisis through his clinical work, he was also instrumental in helping us identify several villages in the region which were in great need.

Another member of our board, Seth Johnson, RN, is originally from Ghana and has facilitated important relationships with local leaders and the major hospital in the Ada region.



Ghana Water Project. Phase II Nov 2-6 2015 140.JPG


May: Kumi and Boahenkwaa, near Kumasi. These two villages were the first recipients of the NUF500 system.

Ghana Water Project. Phase II Nov 2-6 2015 154.JPG


June: Pediatorkop, Alorkpem, Baitrenya, and Adjim, near Big Ada. Three estuarial island villages in the Big Ada region in Accra — where the Volta river meets the Gulf of Guinea — received NUF500 systems.

November: Aflive, and Kewuse, near Big Ada. The third group of installations took place in three more Big Ada island villages.


July: Anazome, Alewusedekorpe, and Agamakorpe, near Big Ada esturial islands


June: Kpetsukpanya, Tuanikorpe, Aflive Korpengua, and Amekustekorpe, near Ada Esturial Islands.

Bonwire, Nyameani Basic School, Nyameani Clinic, and Abono Basic School near Kumasi. Madagascar and Kodidi near the Afram Plains. Monkrate and Kudorkorpe near Dambai.


Future Project Sites

We will be serving over 30,000 new lives with 64 new devices to provide purified and safe drinking water to in a rural community with no access to electricity. Outside of the country of Ghana, numerous regions have been presented to us for new project sites. These include:



Easy Water has developed a relationship with two NGOs in Uganda.  A total of 3 NUF500s will be installed between August and November.  Both NGOs have well established work efforts related to healthcare, water and education.



An isolated island off the coast of Mwanza in Lake Victoria, Bezi has had a site visit by the Easy Water team. Collaborative discussions are occurring at this time to assist a population that desperately needs pure drinking water since the water around the island is highly contaminated.



Easy Water has been approached by an American based NGO to place multiple NUF500s in an area that this NGO has been effectively working in over the past 10 years.  While their focus has been on healthcare facilities and education, they have realized that the villages in their working area have contaminated water sources.  Senegal will be the third country in which EWfE provides these water services, in this instance in partnership with the NGO.


Community Impact

At all project sites, the quality of life of the villagers was changed dramatically by having pure drinking water. In all our return visits, mothers have come to tell us what a difference the pure water has made in their lives, particularly in reducing or eliminating illness such as diarrhea in their small children. Also, teachers indicate that students are now rarely sent home from school due to diarrhea.